Season Start: Early-Spring Wake up!

Spring is in bloom!  Our technicians are hard at work applying the first application of the year.

Start of the season fertilizer is a blend of nitrogen and potassium. This light feeding is designed to gently wake up your turf’s root system. The fertilization treatment you received at the end of last year has continually nourished your lawn over the winter months, and this application will supplement that feeding and rejuvenate your dormant grass.

We also applied season-lasting crabgrass pre-emergent. It is applied at the start of the year and is dictated by soil temperatures, giving professionals until late April to complete. It can last up to six months with the proper care. Let’s dive into the science of pre-emergent- what is it exactly? 

Pre-emergent herbicide is chemical weed control which prevents germinated weed seedlings from becoming established. This does not actively kill weeds, rather it will significantly reduce crabgrass from sprouting.  You can protect this barrier by: 

  • Properly watering your lawn! Up to 1½” every week, as early in the morning as possible to prevent residual moisture.
  • Edging your lawn with care!  Do not go deeper than ½”, as it will break this layer.
  • Sharpening your mower blades!  This will prevent ripping and tearing.
  • Do not mow any shorter than 3”! This will shade any germinating seedlings and prevent sprouting.
  • Do not pull weeds!  If you are eligible (4 or 5 application programs), call to schedule a FREE service call so we can target the growth with herbicide rather than potentially breaking your pre-emergent layer!

At your next application we will continue to combat weeds with seasonal post-emergent, an additional line of defense that also kills what has begun to sprout.  As always, reach out to us with questions or concerns!  Call (513) 683-4016 or email: [email protected]