FAQ’s about out Lawn Care Programs:

Can you kill ground ivy(creeping charlie) and/or wild violets?

YES. Ground Ivy is not a common broadleaf weed, it is a plant that grows along rhizomes under the soil. The waxy outer layer makes the plant very resistant to herbicide. The products we use during the cool seasons (Spring/Fall) will start the process of suppressing this plant by targeting the plant at its most vulnerable time of year to eliminate as much of the ivy as possible. Call to set up a consultation to see if the amount in your lawn will suppress with our standard program.

How long will it take for weeds to die after an application?

Wilting should be visible after 5-7 days. If weeds persist after 7 days due to outside influences (ie: rain) then you can call us and we will come right back out and re-apply herbicides…FOR FREE!

How long is the time between applications?

Our slow release fertilizers and long lasting herbicide mixtures allow a residual of 7-8 weeks. We will be on your lawn for each treatment BEFORE the residual starts to dissipate. We also include (2) extended crabgrass pre-emergent applications and a late Spring grub control treatment that last the whole season!

Do I need to water my lawn?

YES. A healthy lawn needs 1 ½” of water per week. During any dry periods it is imperative that you supplement any rainfall with watering practices. It is also highly recommended to water after an application once the 1 hour dry time is over.

Is your program Organic? How long should my family and pets stay off the lawn after an application?

Although our standard programs are not organic, they are certified pet/family friendly. (Organic fertilizers can be applied if requested)

The dry time for any of our lawn applications is 1 hour in normal conditions. On wet or dew covered grass we suggest waiting 2 hours.